Poet and writer Claudia Pavel is born and resides in the beautiful south-eastern European country Romania, well known for the forested Carpathian mountains, medieval towns with old churches and beautiful castles, notably among them being Bran Castle, with the famous Dracula legend.


As far as her education is concerned, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Law at esteemed universities in Romania and a certificate of Completion in Negotiation Mastery from the prestigious, Harvard Business School.

Although her studies and experience recommend her as a professional in the legal field and economic environment, where she activated as an economist and legal advisor, her heart belongs to poetry and writing.


She spent her formative years in school, participating to writing and literature contests, corresponding with high school magazines. Her real passion towards literature drove her to write her first poetry collection about love.

“The odyssey of my lost thoughts”, her debut collection of poetry is split in four chapters: Hope, Passion, Pain and Resilience.

For one of the poems in the book, “Paris” she was awarded “David Burland Poetry Prize 2017” – Special Mention, by Anna Burland Services, England, United Kingdom.

Besides literature, she loves art as a whole, opera, ballet, classical music and jazz, theater, old movies, paintings, sculptures and she derives great pleasure from spending hours in museums admiring and learning about art and history.

She enjoys traveling and discovering magical places around the world and she likes sharing her experiences with friends and readers.

Her motto is: “I want to spread beauty and joy into the world!”

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